A Neuropoesis

Joel Weishaus

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"Inside the Skull-House" is Literary Art/Neuroscience project being made specifically for the World Wide Wide. Presented here is it's first section, "Hippocampus."

The soul of Inside the Skull-House may be sought in a journal, a text in which I interrogate the referential world as cognate to the "hard problem" of consciousness. The text is endowed with various tropes, along with collaged images, animated or not, and bookmarks linked to a paratext of citations and references, an analect which can also be directly accessed from the contents page. As introduction, each section of the text, named for a sector of the brain, begins with a "prep." 

button-2.jpg (658 bytes) PREP
button-2.jpg (658 bytes) TEXT
button-2.jpg (658 bytes) PARATEXT
button-2.jpg (658 bytes) ILLUSTRATION (www link)

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Hyperlinks are usually dark blue, except when a button, or mapped in an image.
This project is presently being designed primarily for 15"-17" monitors.

Animation made from Treahna Hamm's "World Slick" 1991. Etching. Australian Aborigine.