Welcome to Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge. Rhizomes is an independent peer-reviewed online journal (ISSN 1555-9998) published twice-yearly. Check our general submission guidelines and call for papers for details.

Latest Issue

The latest issue is Rhizomes 36, edited by Ellen Berry.

Featuring essays by:

  • Mohammed S. Ali
  • Elizabeth de Freitas and Sarah E. Truman
  • Rob Shields
  • Balbir K. Singh
  • Joshua Jackson
  • Ekin Erkan
  • Will Luers
  • Christopher Neil Gamble and Thomas Nail
  • Craig J. Saper, dj readies, and Craig Sapper

With reviews by

  • Lee Boot
  • Ekin Erkan
  • Alyssa M. Brumis
  • Sergio C. Figueiredo
  • J Inscoe