The Becoming-Deleuzoguattarian of Queer Studies

Edited by Michael O'Rourke


» On a Series of Queer Becomings: Selected Becomings-Invertebrate 2003-2005
Paul Hurley

» Busted: Félix Guattari and the Grande Encyclopédie des Homosexualités
Gary Genosko

» A Thousand Queer Plateaus: Deleuze's 'Imperceptibility' as a Liberated Mapping of Desire
Kitty Millet

» Interface to Hyperface: Odd Links and Cruel Design
Craig Saper

» Masochism: A Queer Subjectivity?
Amber Musser

» Pink Vectors of Deleuze: Queer Theory and Inhumanism
Jeffrey J. Cohen and Todd R. Ramlow

» The Force that Through the Wall Drives the Penis: The Becomings and Desiring-Machines of Glory Hole Sex
Donald L. Anderson

» Affirming the Affirmative: On Nomadic Affectivity
Rosi Braidotti

» Necrosexuality
Patricia MacCormack

» The Molecular Poetics of Before Night Falls
Teresa Rizzo

» Foucault's Queer Virtualities
Mikko Tuhkanen

» Antonio Roig's Kafkaesque Laughter: (Anti-)Oedipal Parody in Todos los parques no son un paraíso
David Vilaseca

» n-1 sexes
Hanjo Berressem

» The Cinematic Relations of Corporeal Feminism
Theresa L. Geller

» Deleuzian Connections and Queer Corporealities: Shrinking Global Disability
Margrit Shildrick and Janet Price


» The Blog Report: Lack of Power in New Orleans
Craig Saper

» Anna Powell, Deleuze and Horror Film
Donald L. Anderson

» Bruhm and Hurley (eds), Curiouser: On the Queerness of Children
Julia Shaw


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