Rhizomes 17


» Becoming Sexual of the Sexual
Zafer Aracagök

» The Compound Gallery of Desire
Ryan Johnson

» Keep Your Virtual Hands Off Me! Paranoia, Affect and Influencing Machines
Darren Tofts

» The Theater and its Derridean Double: Writing Upon Derrida's Theater of Thought
Clark Lunberry

» Sensing New Possibilities for Homo Passional Assemblages
Craig Osmond

» This is Not Not A Game: Ulysses and Hypertext Fiction
Patrick Prominski

» Urban Screen as Virtual Counterpoint
Katheryn Wright

» Reading Like a Sodomite: Deleuze, Donne, Eliot, Presentism, and the Modern Renaissance
Will Stockton

» Do We Know what a Body Can Do?
Jean Hiller

» Rhizomatic Bodies: Thinking through the Virtualities of Control Societies
David Ruffolo


» Adalaide Morris and Thomas Swiss, eds. New Media Poetics: Contexts, Technotexts and Theories
Louis Armand

» Alain Badiou, The Century
Don Callen

» Vilém Flusser, Writings (Electronic Mediations Series). Ed. Andreas Ströhl
Mark Garrett Cooper

» Alphonso Lingis, Trust
Vindra Dass

» Gregory Ulmer, Electronic Monuments
Sean Morey

» Joanna Frueh, Swooning Beauty: A Memoir of Pleasure
Tammy Powley

» Merri Johnson, ed. Third Wave Feminism and Television
Karma Chavez


» Contributors