Rhizomes 26


» BAD COPIES: The Experience of Simulacra in Interactive Art
Erin K Stapleton

» Aren't We Guilty Too?: The Censorship of D.H. Lawrence in the Ivory Tower
Erin K. Johns Speese

» Vertical Cinema: New Digital Possibilities
Miriam Ross and Maddy Glen

» Clinical and Critical Perversion
Zafer Aracagök

» The Stroll: Reflections on Deleuzian Ethics
John Lundy

» Feminist Technoscience Activism: A Double-Stranded Reading of Dr. Bodnar's Ig Nobel Striptease
Clare Jen

» A Network or a Line?: Gender, Technology, and Cyberfeminist Figurations of Time
Ellen Moll

» Middling Through Somehow: Queer Temporality and the Disaster Meme
Christine Hoffmann


» Geoff Cox and Alex McLean, Speaking Code
Stevphen Shukaitis


» Contributors' Notes