Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge

Quantum Possibilities: The Work of Karen Barad

Edited by Karin Sellberg & Peta Hinton


» The Possibilities of Feminist Quantum Thinking
Karin Sellberg & Peta Hinton


» The Conceptual and Ethical Normativity of Intra-active Phenomena
Joseph Rouse

» The Feminist Futures of Reading Diffractively: How Barad's Methodology Replaces Conflict-based Readings of Beauvoir and Irigaray
Evelien Geerts and Iris van der Tuin

» Matter and Meaning
Rebekah Sheldon

» Quantum Physics and/as Philosophy: Immanence, Diffraction, and the Ethics of Mattering
Kathrin Thiele

» Conversing with the Unexpected: Towards a Feminist Ethics of Knowing
Hanna Meißner

» Queer Bathroom Graffiti Matters: Agential Realism and Affective Temporalities
Andie Elizabeth Shabbar

» From a Hegemonic Politics of Masculinity to an Ontological Politics of Intimacy and Vulnerability? Ways of Imagining through Karen Barad's Work
Ulf Mellström

» Modes of Mattering: Barad, Whitehead, and Societies
Martin Savransky

» The Cogito and the Limits of Neo-materialism and Naturalized Objectivity
Dorothea Olkowski

» Agential and Speculative Realism: Remarks on Barad's Ontology
Graham Harman

» Phenomenon and Thing: Barad's Performative Ontology
Levi R. Bryant

» Critical Naturalism: A Quantum Mechanical Ethics
Rick Dolphijn

» Barad's Entanglements and Transcontextual Habitats
Katie King

» Karen Barad's Onto-Ethico-Epistemology as an Apparatus of Empowerment in Contextual Theologies
Ino Mamic

» The Phenomenon of Waste-World-Making
Myra J. Hird


» Contributors

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