Rhizomes 35

Edited by Ellen E. Berry



The Spectre of Black Fatherhood
Amy Tahani-Bidmeshski

Woman Interrupted: A Kitbasher's Guide to Hedy Lamarr
John Freeman

Hometown Queens and Superheroes: Ari Moore’s Queer History of Buffalo
Ana Grujic and Adrienne Hill

Spinoza as Savage Thought
Carlos Segovia

Boston King’s Fugitive Passing: Fred Moten, Saidiya Hartman, and Tina Campt’s Rhetoric of Resistance
Nick J. Sciullo

As follicles fall: haute coiffure & deconstruction
Darren Tofts

Can You Be BLACK and Make This?
Tiffany Barber

Affective Encounter: Repetition and Immersive Practices in Man of Valour
Angela Butler


TOXIC SCENES: Alexis Shotwell on “Shimmering Presences” and “Toxic Interdependencies”
Anthony J. Gavin

Societies of Disindividuated Hyper-Control: On the Question of a New Pharmakon
Ekin Erkan

Nick Sousanis, Unflattening
Alex Winninghoff

Fandom’s Alchemy in the Classroom: Leaden Realities to Golden Possibilities
Laurel Bassett

Katherine Busse, Framing Fan Fiction
Alison Morrow

Rukmini Pande, Squee from the Margins: Fandom and Race
Caron Wildy

Rebecca Williams, Everybody Hurts
Alison Morrow

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