Rhizomes 39

Edited by Ellen E. Berry



Insurgent Life: The Covid Revolution and the Ecology of Fear
Dalton Anthony Jones

Regimes of the Parasite: exploring new domains inherent within media formations
Dylan Cree

White Suicide, Black Genocide: The Psychic Life of Labor and Freedom in Anti-Masking Movements
Joshua Falek and Patrick Teed

Future Perfect: Imagination and Ideology
Victor Peterson II

Contending with the Unthought: Notes on the institution of psychology’s condition of possibility
Garrett Ross

Violence and Raciality: Toward an ‘Ethics With/out the Subject’
Mackenzie Smith


Orit Halpern and Robert Mitchell, The Smartness Mandate
Davin Heckman

A Most Perfect Hallucination: Unpayable Debt by Denise Ferreira da Silva
Scott W. Schwartz

Paul Ortiz, An African American and Latinx History of the United States
Iñaki Zárate

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