Editors Craig Saper, John Craig Freeman, and W.F. Garrett-Petts

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Table of Contents

01 Craig Saper: Introduction

02 Gregory L. Ulmer: The Chora Collaborations
(Editorial commentary by Craig Saper, John Craig Freeman, and W.F. Garrett-Petts)

03 John Craig Freeman: Imaging Place: The Choragraphic Method

04 W.F. Garrett-Petts and Rachel Nash: Re-Visioning the Visual: Making Artistic Inquiry Visible

05 Donald Lawrence: Fiddle Reef Remembered: Integrating Artistic and Other Modes of Inquiry

06 David MacLennan, Donald Lawrence, and W.F. Garrett-Petts: Storymapping:  Exploring the Naturalists' Sense of Place

07 Barry Mauer: Lost Data, 2

08 Chris Taylor: Dissolving between Land and Sky: Mapping Wendover

09 Stephanie Tripp: Thinking About the Pyramid: An (Un)Called-for Proposal

10 Laura L. Sullivan: Thinking With the Pyramid: Listening to the (Grateful) Dead

11 Bruce B. Janz: Making a Scene and Dwelling in Place: Exhaustion at the Edges of Modes of Place-Making

12 Michael Jarrett: Walden + Railroad + Sound